Rupal Rajdev - a Symbol of Devotion for Social Wellbeing and Contribution

Social Worker

Rupal Rajdev

Owing to an erudite lady, Rupal Rajdev is the name of dedication and goodwill for her society. She is inspiring others as an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. She has been working as a director of two Indian renowned companies namely, Roma Kristo Jewels PLT and Roma Kristo Ventures PLT. Not only this, rather along with her husband – Mr. Rakesh Rajdev, she has proved herself as a helping hand to serve the downtrodden and white-collar people of the society. 

Glimpses of Rupelben Rajdev’ Goodness

Rupalben Rajdev devoted her wealth to social wellbeing and contributed to her society, accompanied by Mr. Rakesh Rajdev in various forms

Dedication to welfare

The affluents mostly seem egocentric. But being a spouse of Mr. Rakesh Rajdev - a business owner, Rupalben dedicated herself to the welfare of society. It’s her benevolence and compassion that thousands of families were moved to prosperity.

Motivation for humanity

In this time of great hustle, many people still live hand to mouth. They want to live a better life at all. For those, Rupalben Rajdev has proved as a luminous personality who motivated humanity by her righteous deeds and awaken a desire to live.

Having a kind heart

Rupal Rajdev is a woman with a kind heart for her nation as for her dear ones. A sound character having sentiments for any person who fell in any sort of trouble. She can do anything for him, as she can with her goodwill.

Contributions of Rupalben Rajdev in Society

Rupalben Rajdev is not only a working lady, but she has also strived for the welfare of her society. With the mutual coordination and collaboration with Mr. Rakesh Rajdev, she has been running a social welfare organization – Kanuda Mitra Mandal. A large community of laborers, students, medical professionals were served by this NGO, especially in the outbreak of a global pandemic. In such heart-wrenching situations, Rupalben stood side by side to Rakesh Rajdev.