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Rakesh Rajdev

Owing to a knowledgeable lady, Rupal Rakesh Rajdev, the name of dedication and goodwill shines brightly in her society. She serves as an inspiration to others as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the director of two renowned Indian companies, namely Roma Kristo Jewels Private Limited and Roma Kristo Ventures Private Limited, Rupal Rajdev has made a significant impact. Both these companies are located in Ahmedabad and are registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Moreover, alongside her husband, Mr Rakesh Rajdev, she has proven herself to be a helping hand to serve the downtrodden people of society.Rupalben Rajdev stands by Rakesh Bhai Rajdev’s side at all times, providing unwavering support and collaboration in their endeavours.

Rupalben Rajdev’s goodness is evident through her philanthropic activities and dedication to social welfare. She has devoted her wealth to the betterment of society, working alongside her husband Rakesh Bhai Rajdev to uplift thousands of families from poverty to prosperity.

Her motivation for humanity is admirable, as she inspires others to live better lives and awakens a desire for positive change. Rupal Rajdev possesses a kind heart, showing compassion and empathy towards those in need. Her goodwill knows no bounds, as she is willing to do anything to help those facing difficulties.

Rupalben Rajdev’s contributions to society are remarkable. She actively runs a social welfare organization called Kanuda Mitra Mandal along with Rakesh Rajdev, which serves a large community of labourers, students, and medical professionals. During the global pandemic, this NGO played a crucial role in providing assistance and support to those affected. Rupalben stood side by side with Rakesh Bhai Rajdev in these heart-wrenching situations, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the welfare of others.

In conclusion, Rupal Rajdev’s dedication and good will have made a significant impact on her society. Through her business ventures and philanthropic efforts, she continues to inspire others to make a positive difference.

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